Student Division

The Student Division lays the groundwork for all future dance training. Lower level classes are taught slowly and carefully in order to emphasize proper posture and placement, while upper-level student division classes work on the coordination of the full body in jumps, turns, and leaps.
For Fall 2020, all Student Division classes will be held in a hybrid model with students alternating each week between attending live in-person or online via Zoom. There is also an online only option for each class. Please see Calendar & Info page for more information.
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Dance Performance Workshop

Fridays, September 11-January 29, 4:15-5:45pm

For dancers in Ballet 2B, 3, 4, or 5

Limited to 12 dancers. Workshop will meet in-studio every week unless otherwise specified.

Our exciting Dance Performance Workshop engages students in the process of building a  dance performance from scratch through audition techniques, learning choreography, design elements, and much more. Led by faculty members Calyn Carbery and Cameron Turner, weekly classes will function as rehearsals as the dancers prepare for this year’s unique culminating presentation – a multimedia project involving recorded elements and live performance (health and safety guidelines permitting).

Please note: This is a workshop class and does not count toward the dancer’s recommended classes per week for their level to participate. Consistent class attendance is mandatory for participation.


Ballet classes teach all of the basic positions, proper execution of the turn out of the leg, correct use of the feet, arms, and head, and the French Ballet vocabulary. Ballet helps develop strength, flexibility, musicality, and grace. 

Ballet Schedule

Session I 2020: September 8-December 19
RegisterBallet BasicsSaturday9:30-10:30am8 - 11 yearsKara
RegisterBallet 1AMonday4:00-5:00pm7 yearsVictoria
RegisterBallet 1AThursday6:00-7:00pm7 yearsJill
RegisterBallet 1ASaturday11:00am - 12:00pm7 yearsAllie
RegisterBallet 1BMonday4:30-5:30pmBy RecKara
RegisterBallet 1BTuesday5:00-6:00pmBy RecWendy
RegisterBallet 1BSaturday11:15am - 12:15pmBy RecJill
RegisterBallet 2AMonday6:15-7:30pmBy RecAllie
RegisterBallet 2ATuesday4:00-5:15pmBy RecEnid
RegisterBallet 2AWednesday4:15-5:30pmBy RecShelby
RegisterBallet 2ASaturday12:45-2:00pmBy RecKara
RegisterBallet 2BTuesday6:30-7:45pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterBallet 2BWednesday5:45-7:00pmBy RecShelby
RegisterBallet 2BThursday7:15-8:30pmBy RecJill
RegisterBallet 2BSaturday10:45am - 12:00pmBy RecLaura B
RegisterBallet 3Monday7:45-9:00pmBy RecAllie
RegisterBallet 3Tuesday8:00-9:15pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterBallet 3Thursday4:45-6:00pmBy RecLaura G
RegisterBallet 3Saturday9:00-10:15amBy RecLaura G
RegisterBallet 4Monday6:15-7:30pmBy RecBéa
RegisterPointe PrepMonday7:30-8:00pmBy RecBéa
RegisterBallet 4Tuesday4:30-5:45pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterPointe PrepTuesday5:45-6:15pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterBallet 4Wednesday4:15-5:30pmBy RecKara
RegisterPointe PrepWednesday5:30-6:00pmBy RecKara
RegisterBallet 4Thursday7:00-8:15pmBy RecWendy
RegisterPointe PrepThursday8:15-8:45pmBy RecWendy
RegisterBallet 4Saturday10:30-11:45amBy RecLaura G
RegisterPointe PrepSaturday11:45am - 12:15pmBy RecLaura G
RegisterBallet 5Monday7:15-8:30pmBy RecKara
RegisterContinuing PointeMonday8:30-9:00pmBy RecKara
RegisterBallet 5Wednesday4:30-5:45pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterContinuing PointeWednesday5:45-6:15pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterBallet 5Saturday12:15-1:30pmBy RecLaura B
RegisterContinuing PointeSaturday1:30-2:00pmBy RecLaura B


Modern, sometimes called contemporary, is a free and expressive style that uses rhythm, level, and imagery for a creative exploration of movement. Modern classes are danced barefoot and often to world music. There is no ballet requirement to take Modern.

Modern Schedule

Session I 2020: September 8-December 19
RegisterModern 1ATuesday5:30-6:30pm7 - 8 yearsEnid
RegisterModern 1BWednesday5:45-6:45pmBy RecAllie
RegisterModern 2AThursday4:15-5:15pmBy RecEnid
RegisterModern 2BWednesday4:30-5:30pmBy RecAllie
RegisterModern 3Wednesday5:30-6:30pmBy RecJill
RegisterModern 4Tuesday8:00-9:00pmBy RecEnid



Jazz is a uniquely American dance form that incorporates elements from ballet, modern/contemporary, hip hop, African, Broadway, and other techniques. With a focus on fun footwork and rhythm, dancers will develop style and character through their study of jazz dance. There is no ballet requirement to take Jazz.

Jazz Schedule

Session I 2020: September 8-December 19
RegisterJazz 1Tuesday5:45-6:45pm9 - 11 yearsShelby
RegisterJazz 2Tuesday4:30-5:30pmBy RecShelby
RegisterJazz 3Tuesday7:00-8:00pmBy RecShelby
RegisterJazz 4Thursday4:15-5:15pmBy RecCalyn