Primary Division

The Primary Division is an exciting introduction to the world of dance designed especially for the young beginner. The main goal of the primary program is to help the young student enjoy the process of learning dance by keeping it fun and encouraging.

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Tippy Toes 1 & 2

Creative movement classes which invite children to dance through the use of fun music, rhythm games, and storytelling. Scarves, bean bags, hula hoops, and fans are used to enhance the child’s exploration of shape, level, and the dynamics of movement.

Tippy Toes Schedule

Session II 2020: January 4-May 31
RegisterTippy Toes 1Sunday11:00-11:45am3 yearsJill
RegisterTippy Toes 1Monday4:15-5:00pm3 yearsJenny
RegisterTippy Toes 1Thursday10:45-11:30am3 yearsAllie
RegisterTippy Toes 1Friday5:00-5:45pm3 yearsWendy
RegisterTippy Toes 1Saturday10:00-10:45am3 yearsAllie
RegisterTippy Toes 2Sunday11:45am - 12:30pm4 yearsJill
RegisterTippy Toes 2Monday5:00-5:45pm4 yearsJenny
RegisterTippy Toes 2Saturday9:15-10:00am4 yearsJill
RegisterTippy Toes 2Saturday11:30am - 12:15pm4 yearsAllie

Pre-Ballet 1 & 2

Pre-Ballet 1 is for childrenย ages 5-6 years old and continues the fun and games while introducing basic dance positions and movement skills.

Pre-Ballet 2 is for childrenย ages 6-7 years old and builds on Pre-Ballet 1. This class introduces students to the ballet barre and allows studentsย to further developย their skills.

Pre-Ballet 1 & 2 Schedule

Session II 2020: January 4-May 31
RegisterPre-Ballet 1Sunday12:30-1:15pm5 yearsJill
RegisterPre-Ballet 1Tuesday4:30-5:15pm5 yearsWendy
RegisterPre-Ballet 1Wednesday5:00-5:45pm5 yearsAllie
RegisterPre-Ballet 1Thursday4:15-5:00pm5 yearsJill
RegisterPre-Ballet 1Saturday10:45-11:30am5 yearsAllie
RegisterPre-Ballet 2Tuesday5:15-6:00pm6 yearsWendy
RegisterPre-Ballet 2Wednesday4:15-5:00pm6 yearsAllie
RegisterPre-Ballet 2Thursday4:15-5:00pm6 yearsAllie
RegisterPre-Ballet 2Saturday11:15am - 12:00pm6 yearsCalyn

Intro Modern

For children ages 6-7 years old, Intro Modern complements the Ballet program with its use of free and expressive movement.

Intro Modern Schedule

Session II 2020: January 4-May 31
RegisterIntro ModernTuesday4:30-5:15pm6 - 7 yearsJill
RegisterIntro ModernSaturday12:15-1:00pm6 - 7 yearsEnid

Primary Tap

Emphasizes rhythm making and performance style for children ages 6-7 years.

Primary Tap Schedule

Session II 2020: January 4-May 31
RegisterPrimary TapMonday4:30-5:15pm5 - 6 yearsGaby